The great green juice

I’m gonna share with you guys my favorite morning juice, the one I crave when I am not feeding my body properly. It is easy to make with a juice extractor, it is fresh, and super healthy.

  • For this juice you’ll need:

· Apples (2 or 3)
· Ginger (just a small piece as it is strong)
· Kale (2 or 3 stalks)
· Spinach (around 10 stalks)
· Celery (around 4 stalks with leaves)

You will adjust the quantity to your taste as you make more and more juices, and also probably depending on what is in your fridge.

So, wash all the ingredients delicately, except for the ginger that you’ll have to peel anyway.
Cut the ends of the celery, spinach & kale’s stalks. Cut the apples into quarters and remove the stem, core & calyx.
Then simply put the ingredients in small batches into the juicer. I try to alternate the different ingredients (some spinach, some apple, the ginger, some celery, then spinach again…) to blend all the different tastes together.

  • What are the benefits of this juice?

· Boosts brain power
· Reduces bad cholesterol
· Fights bacteria & infections
· Boost immune system
· Gives your body energy
· Is considered nutrient-dense food
· Is full of antioxidants
· Brings many vitamins including Vitamin A, C and K
· Good source of iron
· Good source of minerals
· Fights Cancerous cells
· Protect eyesight
· Stenghten the bones
· Promotes heart’s health
· Gets rid of toxins
· Embellishes skin…

And the list goes on!


  1. I advise you to use sweet apples such as Pink Lady, Gala or Ambrosia, to balance the bitter taste of the greens. And, of course, the fresher the ingredients, the better!
  2. It might sound obvious to some of you but it isn’t for everyone so I’ll just put it here: ALWAYS wash your fruit & vegetables before eating/cooking them!
  3. To get the maximum benefits from any fresh juice, you should drink it less than 20 minutes after you made it.

I really learned a lot about food and how to take care of my body in a book I advise everyone to read:
How Not To Die, by the doctor Michael Greger.

It is a great source of information with many real life examples, nothing too scientific.
We keep forgetting that it is our role to take care of our body the way it takes care of us.


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