M.I.A.M.I – Overview

I had the chance to spend five months in Miami two years ago for an internship. Even though I didn’t really like the city to live in, I think it’s a pretty cool place for holidays, let’s see why… I apologize in advance for the iPhone quality of the photos, I discovered a few days ago that I lost all the photos I took with my Nikon in Miami 🙂


I was living in a condo in Miami Downtown and the view from the terrace was pretty nice.

Miami and Miami Beach are two distincts areas and Miami Beach is where all these buildings are standing on the photo, far, far away ahah
To go from Miami Downtown to Miami Beach it takes around 1 hour by bus, 2,25 dollars for one ticket and a lot of patience to wait for the bus which come when they feel like coming.

I was going to Miami Beach almost every week-ends to enjoy the beach and Lincoln Road, the famous street with all the shops : Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Kiko, H&M, Zara, Lush… And many, many restaurant (most of them serve disgusting food though).
You can take a delicious ice cream from Haagen-Dazs, seat on a bench and spend some time just watching at people, you won’t feel bored. You’ll see some artist, some divas, some celebrities, probably a few drunk homeless, some people half naked… So distracting…
But Miami Beach is most famous for :


I really liked this atmosphere in Ocean Drive, the music, the people and the cars all more original than the others.

But one of my favorite areas remains Wynwood of course, for its originality and its beauty :
































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