Homemade “Bo Bun” recipe


“Bo Bun” : what is it ?

Usually called Bún bò Hué, it is a traditional Vietnamese dish mainly composed of rice or soy noodles with sautéed beef, onions, cucumber…
But you can actually put whatever you want in this dish and still call it a Bo Bun, as I do 🙄

I wanted to cook a Bo Bun for a long time but I never found THE recipe, the one that really makes me craving it. So, I created my own recipe…

I used for this Bo Bun : (for two)

– Wheat Chinese noodles
– Shrimps / (10 more or less)
– One carrot
– One lemon
– Fresh coriander (a few leaves)
– Fresh mint (a few leaves)
– Ginger (fresh or powder)
– Paprika powder
– Fresh parsley
– Soy sauce
– Some butter to cook the shrimps in
Regarding the quantity, it really depends on you and your taste.

Start by peeling the shrimps and cook them in the pan with some butter and the parsley until they get grilled. Mix regularly so the shrimps absorb the butter and parsley flavor.

Then, peel the carrot and make small strips with the peeler until there is no more carrot, and put strips in the frying pan with the shrimps, and add of the ginger and the paprika at your convenience. Stop the cooking when the strips become tender.

Meanwhile, cook the noodles in boiling and salted water. It is said to cook them for 3 minutes but it really depends on you. I personally cook them for 7-8 minutes…

Then, take the lemon, remove the supremes and cut it into small cubes ; add it to the shrimps and carrot strips.

Once the noodles are cooked as per your taste, put them into a big salad bowl.
Dispose on the top the carrot stripes, the shrimps with lemon, pour a bit of soy sauce, then add the mint and coriander. Add some salt and pepper and that’s it.

Bon appétit !


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