Austrazing – Second part

After a week in Perth, I decided to leave again to discover the Australian north coast.

On a Facebook group for Frenchies in Perth, I saw a post of two guys going for a road trip and looking for a third person. We met in a bar and two days later we left for the north.





Karijini National Park was obsessing me months before I touch the Australian ground.
I feel bad that I this time I wasn’t really interested in photography, which explains why the sceneries are amazing but the photos… a way less…




Unfortunately I stayed only a few hours in Karijini, which didn’t allow me to see much of this breathtaking place.


I can’t remind the name of the other places we visited – except for Exmouth, where I lost my GoPro in the ocean… – and Monkey Mia (where you won’t find any monkey) but which is famous for its dolphins who come everyday. It’s a very touristic place where people are gathering on the beach hoping for being picked to feed the dolphins, but rare are the lucky ones who get chosen.



This road trip was a very cool experience, but I haven’t much to tell you about it. It’s mainly personal anecdotes and memories…



In the bush it is not rare to face floods so when it happens, unless you have a super-car, you need to wait for the water to be under a certain level. It can takes hours so you better be patient and have something to keep yourself busy…




Regarding the BEASTS of Australia, those are the only ones I have seen during the road trip…


And for the sea creatures, the only sharks I saw were in an aquarium (I have since pledged to boycott zoos and aquariums through PETA).
I dived in Exmouth and saw amaaaazing fishes (a few minutes after I lost my GoPro) and I dived in Coral Bay with a giant Turtle. No more GoPro but luckily my eyes and memory were still perfectly working… Even four years later I still feel amazed by this memory…
The photo below isn’t mine but it is the turtle I had the chance to swim – from far, as I hate stupid people trying to touch animals in their home-environment !



exmouth day 2 010IMG_2918





1 thought on “Austrazing – Second part

  1. RIP la gopro mais très beaux paysages !


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