77 – On the top



77 – On the top.

Why “On the top” ? Because this video and these photos have been taken on the rooftop of a building in Dubai Marina, on the 77th floor. I used to go there with a friend and stay for hours just staring at the sky, the lights of the city, or just watch the sunset. Being so high gives you an impression of freedom which is really, really nice.











Capture d’écran 2018-10-24 à 17.37.49.png




At this time, it wasn’t really forbidden to go on the rooftops in Dubai. This one was very easy to access, there was no interdiction sign, no camera, no code…
But since this stupid-crazy-suicidal-unconscious Russian model did this stupid-crazy-suicidal-unconscious photo, it is almost impossible to access to any rooftop in the city now.


Editing videos was my hobby when I was like 14, I spent hours and hours on Windows Movie Maker, chatting on MSN, writing on Skyblog (a very popular blogging website for French teens -ten years ago), and playing WoW sometimes ahah
I didn’t edit any videos since back then, but I have wanted to since a veeeeeeeery long time. I just never really took the time to take some shoots and videos.
It was quite fun to do this one, but obviously I still need to practice ! 🙂


Music : Bad Karma – Axel Thesleff

You guys HAVE to check these IG accounts : 





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