A safari in Kenya – Information

As you may know, in November I had the chance to go for a five-day safari in Kenya with my mom. Five exhausting but absolutely breathtaking days that made the trip of my life for sure... I will share the photos and videos in an other article, but for now I will gibe you the … Continue reading A safari in Kenya – Information

Beetroot & Pear juice

So easy yet delicious & health friendly! What you'll need: ⭐︎ 2 pears⭐︎ 2 raw beetroots⭐︎ 2 tbsp agave syrup⭐︎ 20cl water if you don't have a juice extractor⭐︎ A blender or juice extractor⭐︎ I added ginger powder because I looooooooooove ginger but that's completely up to you How to make it (really, it's that … Continue reading Beetroot & Pear juice