Homemade granola

This is a very easy recipe for a yummy and healthy granola. I personally like granola by itself, but you can have it with yogurt or with some milk. Ingredients : -200g of oats - 50g of hazelnuts - 50g of almonds - 25g of grated coconut -30g of chocolate chunk -40g of coconut oil … Continue reading Homemade granola

Christmas Gift Ideas

Less than 500AED (100 euros) XOUXOU - Taupe grey modularphone case + lanyard XOUXOU - Black modular phone case + lanyard Crate & Barrel - Jackie narrow standing towel rack RÜ - Swarovski crystal face mask Vamvo - Mini projector Less than 1,000AED (230 euros) Kindle - Paperwhite (10th generation) Click and Grow Smart Garden … Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas