What’s Foodspring ?

It’s a German sport nutrition brand that focuses on high-quality products. Proteins, supplements, snacks, smart cooking, drinks… You can find any healthy sport food on their website. Attention though : they deliver in Europe only at the moment !

With pastured cows milk, HACCP, ISO & BIO certified products and local raw material when possible, Foodspring chose the quality as their main objective whether it is for the ingredients, the results or the taste.

I ordered three times already, this is my last ordered, delivered in 5 days :

Banana Whey Protein – Chocolate Whey Protein – Protein Pancakes – Protein Cream – Peanut Butter

The whey protein :

I am already taking the chocolate whey protein from Foodspring but it’s almost empty so I ordered a new one because I like it. And I wanted to have a second taste option so I chose banana but they have many other choices such as vanilla, strawberry, mango, coffee, caramel…
The milk used for the whey comes from pastured cows fed with grass, the whey dissolves instantly, they use stevia as a sweetener instead of asapartame which is controversed…
I like to know that the products I use are made in the respect of the ingredients and animals and is not harmful for my body. And the taste is wayyyyy more natural than some other whey proteins I had tried before and which were wayyyyyy too sweetened !

The protein pancakes :

“Lazy people please put your hands up”.
Me : 🙋🏼‍♀️

It is a preparation for pancakes that you just need to mix with cold water or milk, pour directly in a hot pan and TADAAA : you have your pancakes ready !
It is very convenient if you don’t have time or if you’re missing some ingredients.

The pancakes are fluffy and taste pretty good.
The first time I tried I really didn’t like because it tasted too much like eggs but it’s just because I haven’t used enough milk 🙈

The protein cream :

This is basically a Nutella (chocolate & hazelnut spread), healthier version and without palm oil. It’s way less sugary (85% less sugar), it tastes more like dark chocolate also thanks to intense cocoa beans. The taste is good and the texture is creamy, I would recommend it if you want a chocolaty snack without the carbs and sugar of Nutella 🙂

Peanut butter :

Made from 100% organic peanuts, 350 whole peanuts per jar (yep, the shell, too), no dyes, artificial flavors or preservatives. If you like artificial & sugary taste, you won’t like it as it is real pure peanut butter, as I like it ! In france I’ve always struggle to find high-quality peanut butter, now I have this little precious !

For any “normal” human being, Foodspring has coconut oil, apple chips, cocunut chips, chia seeds, oats, energy bars, proteins ice creams, porridge, jam… For athlete & sport addicts, they have BCAA, Omega, creatine, L-carnitine… If you’re a novice in sport nutrition, or you don’t really know what you should choose among all their products, there is a body check section on the website to help you find the products that match best with what you need.

You’ll probably find the prices high compared to ordinary proteins or snacks, but you can’t have the quality for cheap prices, it’s up to you whether you wanna feed your body with cheap stuff or high-quality food 🙂
And if you have an iGraal account, you can get 5% of your order in cashback.
If you don’t have an iGraal account, click here to create one and receive 3€ already !

And also, you can get 15€ off your first order by clicking this link.
You have no reason not to try ! 🙂
It’s in French but you can easily switch it to English once you’re on the website.


2 thoughts on “Foodspring

  1. Emeline LECOLE June 28, 2019 — 8:08 AM

    J’adore aussi cette marque, je pique la Whey de mon copain, mais je crois que je vais me laisser tenter ! 🙂 Super article en tout cas !


    1. Merci ma belle ! 😊
      N’hésite pas à commander via le lien dans l’article pour profiter des 15€ offerts. Tu peux tester les porridges chocolat ou fruits rouges, ce sont des produits que j’aime beaucoup ☺️


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