Famme is my new favorite sportswear brand ! They focus on quality and client satisfaction. They sell sport clothes from leggings to tops, sport bras, hoodies… All are made to show the best of you with intelligent & strategic designs, and the leggings are amazing with their push-up and shaping effect 😉

Why do I love this brand ?

They have leggings with deep pockets ! First time I ever see that ! How convenient it is to put your keys and phone in your pocket while running ?! Also, all their leggings are high-waisted fit and squat-proof (not transparent). The quality is really good, their manufacturing is environment friendly and sustainable…
I received my clothes in Dubai only three days after I ordered and they do worldwide shipping with taxes and duties included. And their prices are really fair regarding the quality and the service !

These are my new favorite sport leggings ! The black one has a pocket on each side, super convenient when I go for a run to have my hands free ! I usually keep my phone in the pocket and the earphones’ wire is long enough to allow me to keep it in my ears.
The model is Techna tights.

The grey one is sooooo comfortable ! I use it for yoga and indoor work out as it is very tight and showing shapes a lot (and making your butt look really nice haha). The model is Elevate vortex.

They have many colors & many different models, you really should check out their website 😉

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