My must-have app.

To start this new year in a good way, I decided to reinstall some good habits I had before and which really helped me to feel better and to think better.
For a few years now, I am feeling way more spiritual than before and I do my best to cultivate this spiritual aura which surrounds me.
To do so, I have some favorite app…

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is an app. that analyzes your… sleep cycle (ah, really ?) and allows you to wake up when you are in a “light sleep” phase. You just need to select the time range you wanna wake up within and the app.’s alarm will ring when it’s the best time for you.
It also gives you information about your sleep : average time in bed, snoring time, sleep quality…
Why do I use it ?
I personally use it because in the morning I tend to wake up as late as possible… I usually hate waking up and would love to stay in bed. But since I am willing to do my Miracle morning everyday, I can’t allow myself to sleep late and Sleep cycle is a good alternative to wake up earlier but in a good mood 🙂
It’s actually very effective when it comes to wake you up at the right time ! No more bad mood in the morning – as long as you don’t talk to me while I’m having breakfast 😅

One of the six habits to have for a “miracle morning” is to do meditation.
1 minute, 10, or 60, it’s up to you. With Headspace, you can choose between 3, 5, 10 or 20 minutes sessions. It is guided sessions, which is really helpful for beginners. They propose basics sessions, for general meditation, but also theme-based sessions about happiness, prioritization, focus, sleep, and many more. It is really easy to use, the design is cool and the sessions are efficient when done seriously 🙂

An other habits I used to have every other morning was to do yoga (and work out the other morning). I started again yoga since the first of January but not in the morning as I like to do it fully focused, which I can’t when I know I have to get ready for work, but I’m doing it in the afternoon.
Asana Rebel proposes many different sessions with different intensity, for beginners or experienced yogis. They have calm and relaxing sessions to get flexibility & strength, but what I like more is the yoga sessions that make you feel your whole body hurting the next day. “Fatburn” sessions as they call it. It’s more like work-out yoga and it’s really efficient to get in shape quickly !


Goodreads is my favorite discovery of 2018. It is basically a website but I use the app. more. Information about authors, books rates and readers’ comments, you can find everything about books on Good reads. You can also have a community, like a virtual book club, and set yourself a reading challenge for the year. I set my goal to 30 books for 2019, hoping that I will read more…
On Good reads, you can also have your own virtual shelves (the basic ones being “read”, “to-read” & “currently reading”) but you can also have personalized shelves if you want to. It might sound weird but switching from “currently reading” to “read” is really satisfying to me and encourages me to read even more, for my greatest pleasure.
Let’s meet there ! You can find me by searching Leahzing 😉


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