Beetroot & Pear juice

So easy yet delicious & health friendly!

What you’ll need:

⭐︎ 2 pears
⭐︎ 2 raw beetroots
⭐︎ 2 tbsp agave syrup
⭐︎ 20cl water if you don’t have a juice extractor
⭐︎ A blender or juice extractor

⭐︎ I added ginger powder because I looooooooooove ginger but that’s completely up to you

How to make it (really, it’s that simple):

Just put everything in the blender, wait, enjoy the noise until the mix looks pretty smooth, and that’s ready!

Why is it healthy?

Beetroots are full of antioxidants, they have inflammatory properties, and consuming raw food is the best way to keep all the vitamins, nutrients, fibers and minerals.
Ginger is known for being SUPER health friendly: from reducing blood sugar level & cholesterol, to helping fight infections and cancer, to reducing the odds of Alzheimer, it really is underrated and is lacking in our basic diet!


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