A trip to Bali…

Aaaah… Bali…

On my way back from Australia, I had the chance to make a ten-days stop in Bali where my mom joined me. And I wanna go back there ever since, I am pretty sure you’ll understand why by looking at the pictures…



We spent the two first nights in Jimbaran, at the Keraton Jimbaran Beach Resort and OH MY GOD it was amazing, really. The staff is incredibly nice, the architecture is typically Balinese, there are trees and flowers everywhere…
The restaurant is directly on the beach, so you can imagine the view when you’re having breakfast…
There is a normal bar on the beach, and a bar in the pool, which is pretty cool.
For my birthday they offered me a bouquet and a cake ! They were the nicest people I have ever met, really.
My mom and I liked this place so much that we decided to spend our last two weeks here as well.






We spent the next two nights at Sania’s House, in Ubud.
The architecture and the garden were also typically Balinese and very beautiful, but the service and the rooms were very disappointing.


We then decided to go to an other place that a friend of mine recommended me : Beji Ubud Resort.
And that was the most beautiful place I could ask for : direct view on the forest from the bed. Everything was perfect to the smallest detail, the breakfast view was on the forest as well… There are like 5 swimming pools, a spa, a restaurant will reaaaally good food…
And the room was nice !

When lying on the bed…

DSC_1486DSC_1480IMG_3762 (1).jpg



One of the MUST-DO activities in Bali is visiting the Monkey Forest in Ubud. It is a very special experience ! There are monkeys everywhere. If you go, you must be very careful as they steal everything they can : sunglasses, jewels, phones…
They open the bags and they look in your pocket and underwear, and I’m not joking, this is very serious. If they grab something and you don’t want let it go, they will become aggressive and might bite you, but all the signs at the entrance remind you to keep all your stuff well hidden so it doesn’t go that far :




A mix of random photos…



If you are lucky, you might have the chance to see a ceremony where all the Balinese people wear local outfit and offer food to their God; It is really nice to see.
Of course you should also visit a temple, go see some rice fields, taste cocoa and coffee directly at the farm…
Also, one famous place to see is Pura Tanah Lot, it is a temple built on the beach. It is beautiful to see especially during sunrise and sunset. But it was so crowded when we went that I couldn’t even take one nice picture.

And to finish… Gili Trawangan… This jewel of an island…



We stayed at the Aston Sunset Beach which was a really beautiful place. The restaurant and bar were directly on the beach so we could enjoy cocktails and dinner adumbrating the sunset. Gili Islands are know for the fiesta, party etc but Trawangan is the quieter one, most appreciable for the family and people looking for a calm place to rest.



DSC_1831.jpgDSC_1839.JPGDSC_1880.jpgDSC_1825 (1).jpgIMG_3782.JPG


I can’t wait to go back to Bali one day as it remains one of my favorite trip !










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